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Touch & RFID tag Keypad - Serial Tamperproof Specifications
Power supply 12VDC
Current drain < 100mA
Programmable master and 1000 user codes
TOUCH keys AND/OR RFID 125khz tags
Wiegand 26 input/output interface
Serial communication to decoder, tamper proof
Decoder is a code hopping receiver as well
Backlit keys
Power LED indication
Relay status LED and audible indicator
Relay time programmable in seconds or latch mode
Fixed 2 second delay before relay energises
Weather proof housing
Surge and short circuit protection
Technical Data
Installation connection diagram
receiver connection diagram
eezi cap brochure
Technical Bulletin
  Manu. Part number KE02-003-A
Secure access control
Driveway gate access for security company or domestics
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